About Us

Who We Are

Building a World Community!

Corporations have a great social responsibilty to give back to their communities and create a better world. The ISE World Foundation was founded in this spirit by ISE Advisory Group, Inc. (US), in conjunction with Downtown Donuts (Los Angeles), as a way to provide outreach to charitable organizations worldwide and support their efforts in assisting humanity.

The ISE companies, Downtown Donuts, and other corporations donate a portion of their earnings to the ISE World Foundation, providing the funding and human resources needed to select non-profit partners and local charities which embody the spirit of giving, help solve social problems, and demonstrate compassion for underserved communities.

Our Philosophy

ISE World Foundation strongly believes in caring for the human race throughout the span of their lifetime, and that by helping others live more meaningful lives, they will in turn help others. ISE World Foundation will stand by organizations with a holistic view of humanity that support human wellbeing and provide more than just financial support.

Our Mission

ISE World Foundation's mission is to identify and support organizations that provide financial and human resources to assist humanity. Each year, building upon the existing charitable involvement of our corporate professionals and funding from various corporations, ISE World Foundation will work as a financial and strategic partner to provide guidance and expertise.

What We Do

Many charitable organizations run financially lean and struggle with seasonal cash flow issues to pay fixed expenses. ISE World Foundation provides continuous funding to their partners to help smooth out the ups and downs of cash flow needs and cover operating costs, as well as donating human resources needed to assist the organization with planning, expansion, and project support.

Our Team

ISE World Foundation does not have employees. All staff are provided by ISE Advisory Group, Inc., through the Social Responsibilty Department, which runs the foundation and arranges for staffing needs as required. The Directors of ISE World Foundation have oversight responsibility for the organization.